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GTA-V-Trucking v0.0.3 beta released!

* Welcome to GTA V Trucking

GTA V Trucking

GTA V Trucking is an online multiplayer game modification based on RAGE MP for GTA V game which supports trucking in a convoy. The development of this server began on 26th January, 2018 with RAGEMP version 0.2 when I discovered Rage MP for the first time. Finally the server has been released as a beta to public on 16th April, 2018. We hope to make it a better server every day.

In your rage mp client use the following address.

Server IP : play.gta-v-trucking.com:22005

Type /help in game for any help.

Server IP:

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* GTA V Trucking is the first trucking server of Rage.MP